Wholesale Shade Fabric Now Available

Updated Standards for Shade Sail Fabric

06 Aug Wholesale Shade Fabric Now Available

Western Sydney Shade Sails offer a wide variety of shade and waterproof fabrics. Whatever the job, we have high-quality, unique fabric options to suit your needs. Our partner Commercial Shade Sails now offers wholesale shade fabric. So it’s easy for you to get commercial-grade shade fabric for your DIY project.

Architectural Shade Fabric

Architectural shade cloth is what makes shade sails hugely popular around Australia. They are suitable for use in domestic and commercial structures. Architectural fabrics are the go-to fabrics for shade sails and tension structures. Common uses include pergolas, pool covers, caravan and boat awnings, carports, privacy screens and exterior blinds. These shade fabrics also come in a wide range of colours and protective factors.

All-Weather & PVC Shade Fabric

These heavy-duty fabrics can stand up to the Australian weather. There are two main types of waterproof fabric. One is shade fabric with a waterproof coating the other is PVC fabric. With a variety of fabrics and strengths, they are ideal for many kinds of projects. From small residential pergola covers to large scale commercial structures.

Agricultural Fabrics

Agricultural and horticultural fabrics have a variety of uses. There is a range of fabrics for crop protection, hothouse and greenhouse applications. These fabrics can protect crops from birds and insects.  They can also shield plants from harsh weather, including storms and hail. Agricultural fabrics can also be used to control the conditions inside a greenhouse. These can help crops grow by maintaining an optimal climate. They are available in a range of weights and specifications for different applications.

Wholesale Shade Fabric Available Now

If you need high-quality shade fabric, Western Sydney Shade Sails can help. You can now order the best shade fabrics by the roll from our partner Commercial Shade Sails. Check out their catalogue now to view the range of wholesale shade products.

Or if DIY isn’t your thing, our full-service team can design, fabricate and install a custom shade sail for your home. Contact us now for your free and obligation-free design and quote.