Carports and Driveways Shade Sails for your Western Sydney Home

Your vehicle is one of your most treasured and expensive possessions so it makes sense to want to protect it from the extreme weather conditions. Not only do they add protection but they can be an added feature to the front or side of your home. To enhance the aesthetics of your home installing a Shade sail is a simple, inexpensive way to go. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming out to a hot car in the middle of a hot summers day, to open the door and have your breath taken away from the heat and then not be able to touch the steering wheel. With a shade sail this becomes a thing of the past.


Protect your Valuable ‘Toys’


If you have a caravan or boat they need to be protected from falling debris and UV rays from the sun. Depending on the type of material chosen to build your shade sail and having it professionally installed can extend the life of your favourite ‘toys’.


These days most people of more than one car with adult children staying at home much longer, and where to park the car out of the sun is a constant dilemma. Installing a shade sail over your driveway in front of an existing garage can be an added asset to your home’s value. Even if you don’t have a garage to have some type of protection out the front makes life more comfortable.


Choose New or Existing Structures


Shade sails can be fixed to fences or solid walls so that posts needn’t be purchased, or if you want a totally free standing structure, posts and fixtures can be installed that match the exterior of your home perfectly. Having an overlapping shade sail structure can extend the area to be covered and that way you’ll be able to add more than one car or vehicle underneath it.


You can even do this yourself once you have purchased a quality shade sail with fixings from us and received the correct advice for installing.


When you’re ready to make life just that little bit easier, call one of our experienced installers to obtain a FREE design and quote.