Pool Shade Sails for your Western Sydney Home

The summer heat in Western Sydney can be stifling and the best place to be on those steamy hot summer days is in your pool. Temperatures in Western Sydney can reach as high as 40 °C on a bad day. The humidity in this region, particularly in the summer can be unbearable and very dry as its inland from the coast line, bordering on the mountain ranges. When you add a pool shade sail you are extending the enjoyable time you’ll be able to spend with family and friends in your pool and the surrounding decking and entertaining area.


Get that Private Oasis of your Dreams


Create a private oasis in your own backyard with a pool shade sail and enjoy the privacy that you deserve. You’ll also cut down on the exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. This is protection we all need in the harsh Australian climate. Children, or adults, with sunburn are never any fun; with a pool shade sail they’ll have some protection.


Sometimes just having part of the pool covered is enough to give you that break from the sun that you’re looking for when swimming. You can have the pool shade sails mounted to free standing poles or adjacent walls to cover either all or some of your pool. The sails can be separated or overlapping depending on the amount of shade and ventilation you require.


If positioned correctly, a pool shade sail can also divert falling leaves and debris away from your pool water and keep things a lot cleaner thus reducing the amount of time you’ll need to spend scooping leaves from your pool each day; something nobody enjoys!


Improve the Aesthetics of Your Pool Area


Choosing the right colour for your pool shade sail will make a lot of difference to the comfort levels you’ll enjoy when underneath them. Darker colours offer greater UV protection than light, but a lighter colour might blend better the aesthetics of your garden and the surrounding buildings. As well as choosing the right colour you need to think about the type of material they are made from, either White Cloth or Canvas depending on your budget and preference.


If it’s time to update the look of your pool area, a shade sail can be a simple and cost effective way to make a simple renovation and add thousands of dollars to your home. You can choose from a variety of colours and match it with the fixing hardware that’s best suited to the positioning and structure of your pool shade sail.


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