Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Do They Come With Masts Or Posts To Mount Them On?


Generally speaking, when you purchase your shade sails masts and posts do not automatically come with them. You will have to purchase those separately on your own. The cost of the masts and the posts is well worth it to most people who purchase shade sails.


Are they Waterproof?


While shade sails can handle being exposed to the rain they are not officially waterproof. It is important that when you have these shades supplied that you are able to install them properly so that water will run off the tops of the shades. Otherwise the shades are liable to collapse during or after a bad storm with heavy rain.


How Does Wind Affect Shade Sails?


A high quality shade sail should not be affected by the wind unless it is particularly bad, such as during a hurricane or tornado. The material used to make shade sails is strong enough to withstand the wind under normal weather conditions. It is crucial that your shade sails mounting points are anchored into the ground or otherwise secured. When wind puts pressure on your shade sails the mounting points will take the brunt of it.


How Much Tension is Necessary in Securing Shade Sails?


Any shade sail that you install should have a great deal of tension in it. This allows the sail to remain still even in weather conditions that may try to move it. Just to be on the safe side it is a good idea to take down your shade sails if very windy or stormy weather is predicted.


What can you Attach a Shade Sail to?


It is recommended that you attach your shade sails to a sturdy post or the outside wall of your house. Any structure a shade sail is attached to should be one that is not going to be able to be moved for any reason.