Commercial and Factory Shade Sails for your Western Sydney Business

Whether it’s an outdoor playground, a shopping centre carpark, sports stadium or staff outdoor rest and dining areas, Shade Sails Western Sydney have you covered. They are an inexpensive way to provide protection from the elements.


If you provide your customers with a pleasant experience in your commercial space several things will happen. They’ll stay longer, spend more and tell others all about your business.


Having a cover over the entrance to your shop, factory, café or restaurant makes your business have a welcoming appeal that will put you ahead of the rest. It provides protection for your customers from the harsh elements that Western Sydney has especially during the summer months.


Bring In More Satisfied Customers


People look for shade sails when wandering along a street looking for a café or restaurant to dine in. If you have one of our shade sails professionally installed, your café or restaurant will be the one they choose every time.


When you get s shade sail supplied to install there’s no major construction needed, architect fees and sometimes no council approval needed. It’s best to always check first with your building owner though to make sure. Don’t forget to point out the valuable asset you’ll be adding.


Large shopping centres these days are not complete without extended outdoor areas as a major feature in the whole plan. When a local shopping centre has shade sails installed their sales and profits increase dramatically. People will drive further if it means that they can leave their car and not come back to a hot box after a pleasant day indoors out of the heat.


Not just for parking areas, they can be installed in al fresco areas for the cafes and restaurants in your centre. When people stay longer and are comfortable at a shopping centre they are more likely to spend more.


Increase your Staff’s Productivity


If you’re planning on extending your workforce in your commercial business in a factory setting, you will need to provide recreation, dining and even smoking areas for your staff. It’s a proven fact that the well-being of workers who spend the majority of their working day indoors, hugely benefit from spending their break times in the outdoors. Make it just that little bit more comfortable for your staff and watch productivity soar.


To increase the profitability of your commercial or factory space, call one of our experienced suppliers to obtain a FREE quote and discuss the many options available to you.