Day Care and Schools Shade Sails in your Western Sydney Region

Our children are our greatest asset so keeping them protected from the harsh Australian sun is an ever constant battle. It starts from an early age, teaching them to be ‘sun smart’ and staying in the shade is of the most important factors in this lesson. Western Sydney is one of the hottest areas in Sydney and schools are one of the busiest places to be.


No matter what the span line or area needed to be protected, there is a shade sail that will do the job. Choosing between white cloth or canvas sails, you can use different materials in different areas of the school. Children can be standing in assembly areas for considerable lengths of time and having them protected is essential.


Add Extra Learning Spaces


Shade sails can even be installed down the side of a tall fixed covered structure to create shade from the side rather than the top. Having a covered outdoor eating area for students will improve their concentration and attendance in class as well. So much of what is learnt in Australian schools is learnt outside. You can double the classroom area of your school by simply installing a shade sail.


Protect Your Little Ones


Most Day Care Centres have outdoor playgrounds. It’s an important part of a child’s learning skills to be exposed to both indoor and outdoor play.


Shade sails come in a variety of colours as well. The visual aspect of the outdoor area in a Day Care Centre is paramount to a child’s comfort and learning.  More than one colour and overlapping the sails adds variety and an aesthetic appeal that can’t be achieved with a solid structure. When installed properly shade sails improve the ventilation in outdoor areas that you can’t get with walls or roofs.


Safety in Day Care Centres and schools is another thing to consider when choosing the right type of Shade sail for your little ones.


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