Council and Clubs Shade Sails in your Western Sydney Region

The Western Sydney area is made up of several Councils that oversee suburbs in and around Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Canterbury, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Holroyd, The Hills, Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith. Sporting fields, basketball and skate parks, tennis courts, playgrounds, leisure parks, horse and car race tracks, outdoor swimming pools, RSL, bowling and other affiliated Clubs, provide valuable entertainment and exercise to the people of Western Sydney.


Sport is a major activity in Western Sydney and having such a harsh summer climate can make it difficult to have everyone included especially spectators. Whether it is a spectator or player area, a Shade sail will provide the respite from the elements that you are looking for.


People in Western Sydney Love the Great Outdoors


Council playgrounds are a great place to let your children experience the outdoors in a safe environment. Make sure it’s safe from the harsh Western Sydney sun and offer the UV protection that you need. When you go to a playground or pool you need shade to enable you to stay longer and enjoy the facilities that have been provided.


With a choice of different colours make that public outdoor area a pleasure to visit, especially an outdoor swimming pool. Choosing the right material, either White Cloth or Canvas for your shade sail will depend on the requirements of the facility and its visitors and staff.


Bus stops and malls are used by thousands of people in Western Sydney daily. Shade sails will enhance the local area as well as protect its citizens from the elements.


Walking trails around Western Sydney are becoming very popular, and having part of the trail covered will provide an excellent resting spot.


If you’re looking to make the seating capacity of your local Club bigger, then why not improve the outdoor seating area by adding a Shade sail. They can be fixed to existing structures or have new posts and fixings that adds value to your renovation for the comfort of all of the clubs members.


To enhance your club or community building call one of our experienced suppliers to obtain a FREE design and quote.