A range of quality shade sails for your home

Types of Shade Sails for your Western Sydney Home


Shade sails can be made from various materials. You will need to decide which type of the sails will suit your needs the best before buying them for your Western Sydney home. Below are the different types of shade sails you can choose from.


White Cloth


If you want to be able to sit outside under your shade sails without having to worry about the heat getting to you, the best type of sails to choose are those made from white cloth. White cloth will reflect the sun radiation away from you and your family. Shade sails come in various colors but to beat the heat you will want to choose the lightest color you can. Sun shade cloth sails are also cheaper than other types.


Since sun shade cloth is knitted it does a better job of keeping the heat of Western Sydney away from you. A shade sail made of sun shade cloth is also strong enough to endure the heaviest of rains without collapsing.




You may prefer a canvas shade sail if your goal is to keep as much sun off of you and your loved ones as possible. If you are getting a shade sail to use when you entertain friends and family, a canvas shade often ends up being the  best choice you could have made. When entertaining late into the night you will benefit from a canvas shade sail because during the day it will protect you from the sun and at night it will keep away mosquitos and other annoying bugs. It is perfect for holding an outdoor wedding, birthday party or any other type of celebration.


When it comes time to choose the type of shade sail you want be sure to keep these things in mind. No matter what type you get a shade sail is often a great investment in the safety and comfort of you, your family and any guests you choose to have in your home. Taking the time to decide which type is right for you is something that will pay off in the long run.


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